Low Income Housing Programs

The availability of low income housing programs has made it possible for low income earners to get a decent place to live. The following guide will show you how to apply for these programs.

Step 1

These housing programs come in many types, so you have to determine which is the best suited for you. For example, Tenant Based Assistance (TBA) program is ideal for those who are disabled, old and earning little income. This program subsidizes the rent for half the year. There are other types of programs, so research them first.

Step 2

The next step is to contact the HUD (Housing and Urban Development). Ask them for a listing of the available units in your state. This information may also be found online. In other countries, you may have to go to the office to get the list.

Step 3

Before you apply for the low income housing programs, ask the housing authority about eligibility requirements. Every state, city and county usually have their own income limits. In US counties, this is 50% of the median income. Applicants in the US must be US citizens or eligible for immigrant status.

Step 4

Ensure you have your Social Security card and birth certificate. If applicable, have your green card ready. This is required for all the household residents. Many states will require you to present 30 days worth of paycheck stubs.

Aside from the stubs, the previous year’s tax return is required for the self employed. If you have other sources of income, you must present evidence of the income. Inability to present proof of income is a basis for denial of application.

Step 5

Fill up the application form. If it is online, type the required information and print it out. If it paper, fill out the form using blue or black ink. Review the information before you submit it to the housing authority. If there are many applicants, put in a request to be added to the waiting list.


Failure to pay the rent is one of the grounds for eviction. Another is not following the complex rules. You will also lose eligibility if your income rises above the maximum allowed. Speak with the landlord to be sure.

The rules and regulations of low income housing programs vary and may change. To avoid making mistakes, review the requirements. Your local housing authority will be able to help you in this regard.

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